ULiège, Grands Amphithéâtres (B7A) - September 13th, 2018

the next GIGA-Cancer Day joined to the Annual meeting of EDT-Cancerology that will be held in Liège on September 13.

You will see on the program that we have three outstanding speakers who accepted to visit us in Liège.

Notably, Timothy Padera, an associate professor of Radiation Oncology in Havard Medical School, is coming from Boston, especially for this special day dedicated to PhD students.

The research conducted by his group aims at understanding the mechanisms behind the growth, maturation and function of lymphatic vessels and how these mechanisms can contribute to the pathogenesis of lymphedema and cancer dissemination. In order to study the role of the lymphatic system in a variety of disease states, they have developed novel animal models and used intravital microscopy to investigate the individual steps of lymphatic metastasis. His work aims to tackle  fundamental questions underlying the growth of cancer cells in the lymph node and to identify molecular targets for future therapies aimed at eradicating lymphatic metastasis. He recently published a paper in Sciences on March 2018 demonstrating the interest to cure lymph node metastasis.

Timothy Padera authored several publications in high impact factor journals including among others Science, Nature, Nature Medicine, PNAS, J. Natl. Cancer Inst.

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