Personalized follow-up of the patient during oral cancer therapy

The Jules Bordet Institute is rewarded by the Belgian Hematology Society

The Jules Bordet Institute has been awarded a €10,000 grant from the Belgian Hematology Society for its multidisciplinary hematology consultation project offering specific and personalized follow-up to the patient following oral cancer treatment. This project highlights the importance of appropriate follow-up for the patient and his or her own treatment during oral therapy.

This project is part of a multidisciplinary vision of patient support: the medical team in hematology, the geriatrician, the neuropsychologist, the nurse coordinator and the pharmacist together ensure proper monitoring of treatment, each according to its key role in the care path.

This grant will allow to train coordinators and develop expertise in the field of monitoring oral therapies. It will also finance the equipment needed to effectively monitor the patient. Ultimately, this team work will detect side effects more quickly, better control interactions with other drugs or the wrong treatment. Patients can go directly to the nurse if there is any doubt or even discouragement. Real reassurance on the side of the patient.