U-CRC Symposium 2018


September 28th, Museum of Medicine, Campus Erasme

8.30       Welcome and registration

9.00       Opening by François Fuks, Cédric Blanpain and Christos Sotiriou, U-CRC Directors

SESSION 1: Cancer cellular and molecular biology

CHAIR: Véronique Mathieu and Vincent Detours

9.10        Alexandra Van Keymeulen

                 Deciphering the cellular hierarchy of the mammary gland and its relation with breast cancer

9.30       Selected Abstract 1

9.40        Muriel Moser

                 Immunbiology of cancer

10.00    Selected Abstract 2

10.10      Jana Jeschke

                 Epitranscriptomics in Cancer

10.30    Coffee break

SESSION 2: Towards a better diagnosis and treatment of cancer

CHAIR: Karen Willard-Gallo and Christos Sotiriou

10.50   Keynote lecture: Charles Swanton, Translational Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory, The Francis

               Crick Institute, London

               Intratumour heterogeneity and cancer biomarkers

11.35     Selected Abstract 3

12.45    Anne Van den Broeke

              HTLV-1/BLV genomic approaches to understanding Adult T-cell Leukemia progression

12.05   Selected Abstract 4

12.15     Philippe Aftimos

              New drug development updates in metastatic breast cancer

12.35    Lunch and poster session

SESSION 3: To the bedside of patients

CHAIR: Jean-Luc Van Laethem and Ahmad Awada

14.00   Keynote lecture: Nelson Dussetti, Translational Medicine Group, Centre de recherche en

               cancérologie de Marseille

               PDX and organoids-based research platform in pancreatic cancer

14.45    Nicky d’Haene

               PD-L1 as a biomarker: the pathologist point of view

15.05    Selected Abstract 5

15.15     Martine Piccart

               Translational vision of oncology: from past to the future

15.35    Closing remarks and awards